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World Truth Videos 19 May 2022
The offshore banks are nothing else than laundry machines for money laundering ... There in these offshore banks giant sums of money of the criminal secret services are laundered. Money laundering under palm trees is performed for example in UBS AG in Switzerland (in the directorate), on the Bahamas Islands, on the English Channel islands etc.

The US is the number one place in the world for dictators, oligarchs and crooks ...

The Daily Mail 18 May 2022
The US comfortably beat out perennial tax-dodge-enablers Switzerland into second place due to its very relaxed attitudes towards financial crime in states such as Nevada and Delaware ... Switzerland, long notorious for the secrecy of its banking sector that had long made it a favorite of African dictators to stash public money, came in second place.

Who is MKO? Why it is backed by US?

Irna 18 May 2022
The victims of the MKO’s terrorist operations included both officials and ordinary people of 3-89 years of age ... * 1988 killings ... Some members of the organization were detained last year on drug smuggling, human trafficking and money laundering charges ... In 2008, some members were detained in Switzerland and France on money laundering charges ... ....

Taliban dissolves Afghanistan’s independent human rights commission

Sandhills Express 17 May 2022
Watch Video. Afghanistan sees severe poverty and economic problems after Taliban takeover ... “These departments are not considered necessary, so they have been dissolved ... Ebrahim Noroozi/AP ... The rest of the money is largely in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland and the UAE ... The Taliban has been demanding access to the money, unsuccessfully ... 02.41 ... .
photo: Creative Commons / MHM55
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Geneva, Switzerland

Swiss vote on ‘Netflix’ law, organ donations and Frontex

Manila Standard 15 May 2022
Switzerland votes on Sunday on whether streaming services should cough up money to boost Swiss film-making—and whether everyone should automatically become an organ donor unless they say otherwise ... At the end of 2021, more than 1,400 patients were awaiting transplant organs in Switzerland, a country of around 8.6 million people.

EXPLAINER: 'Neutral' Europe recedes as NATO set to expand

Elko Daily Free Press 15 May 2022
SWITZERLAND. Arguably the most renowned neutral country in Europe, Switzerland has enshrined neutrality into its constitution and Swiss voters decided decades ago to stay out of the EU ... There’s little chance that Switzerland will stray further from its neutrality.

Swiss back 'Netflix' law and steer clear of 'Frontexit'

Urdu Point 15 May 2022
They said 72 percent backed Switzerland joining the planned ramping up of Frontex, providing more money and staff to protect the continent's Schengen open-borders zone ... ....

The Supreme Court guards its privacy. Too bad it doesn't care about yours and mine

Alternet 15 May 2022
Between 2004 and 2014, he took 258 subsidized trips to places like Hawaii, Ireland and Switzerland, according to the New York Times, without having to list the amounts of money involved in the payments made for his travel, accommodations, meals or anything else.

Late Venezuelan leader Chavez’ aide extradited to US by Spain

FX Empire 13 May 2022
accusations include that she allegedly laundered money in the purchase of a yacht and a fashion company. Diaz was also under investigation in Spain over the purchase of a house in Madrid for 1.8 million euros with money from Switzerland, the court had heard.

Late Venezuelan leader Chavez' aide extradited to US by Spain

Reuters 13 May 2022
accusations include that she allegedly laundered money in the purchase of a yacht and a fashion company. Diaz was also under investigation in Spain over the purchase of a house in Madrid for 1.8 million euros with money from Switzerland, the court had heard.

Swiss release some frozen Russian assets

Metro USA 12 May 2022
Pressure has increased on Switzerland — a popular destination for Moscow’s elite and a holding place for Russian wealth — to more quickly identify and freeze assets of hundreds of sanctioned Russians ... Credit Suisse’s reporting did not make clear how much of that money was frozen in Switzerland.

Swiss freeze of Russian assets stands at $6.3 billion

Stars and Stripes 12 May 2022
Switzerland has frozen a further 2.2 billion Swiss francs ($2.2 billion) of Russian assets in the past five weeks, as its responds to criticism that it should be doing more to block the fortunes of those close to Vladimir Putin ... government-sponsored briefing on Russian money in Switzerland that the U.S.

Financier demands Swiss re-open Magnitsky fraud probe

Swissinfo 12 May 2022
But the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) dropped the case last year and returned much of the money to Russia that had been frozen during the investigation.

EU-funded NGO is working to drive a wedge between Arab Israelis and Jewish state, report says

Cleveland Jewish News 12 May 2022
Im Tirtzu, a Zionist NGO, recently put together a report on one of them, Palestinian Vision. Palestinian Vision, or “PalVision,” founded in 1998, operates both in Israel and in Palestinian Authority-controlled territories ... PalVision receives money from the European Union, as well as groups in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland ... That’s their concept.” ... .

Putin's speech at a parade in Moscow showed that the Russian dictator is looking for ...

Yahoo Daily News 11 May 2022
NV ... He is told that half of these paper airplanes have never flown at all, or they do not exist at all, because the money went to the United Arab Emirates or Switzerland, that there was total corruption ... They need villas in Nice, they need villas in Switzerland, they need shopping weekends in London, their children want to study in the United States.

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